Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / January 14th 2017 / Manchester, UK

Announcing an extra date for Law School Manchester: Saturday 14th January 2017. As the first workshop sold out within a few days, and people then going on the reserve list, I've decided to put an an extra date on the Saturday; I'm looking forward to perhaps meeting you on my creative documentary wedding photography workshop in the new year! Date: Saturday Jan[...]

Regional Finalist at The Wedding Industry Awards 2017!

The shot above is of a wedding guest doing just what I did when I checked my emails today, as I found out I'm a Finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards for the South West region! This is such an honour, and such lovely news to get; thank you *so* much to all my lovely couples who took the time to vote for me, it really means so much. Last year I had the absolut[...]

Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / November 15th 2016 / London, UK

*Update: SOLD OUT, amazingly in just over 24 hours from announcing! Use the form over here to go on the reserve list, or register your interest in future workshops. Announcing a new date for Law School: 15th November 2016, in London. I'm looking forward to perhaps meeting you on my creative documentary wedding photography workshop - this'll be my final workshop[...]

One Shot Preview: Emma & Jake

At the weekend I travelled by car, plane, bus, train and....cable car (!) to get to Emma and Jake's wedding in Verbier, Switzerland. Man, what an amazing time I had with them, and what an absolutely stunning part of the world - so jealous they get to live out there! Here's a little preview from my time as a wedding photographer in Switzerland; at 2200m high, it[...]

One Shot Preview: Lisa & Matt

It's middle of wedding season, and I'm afraid that's meant my blogging has really suffered...I have SO many previews to share, it's just getting the time to do it! Anyway, here's one from one of my recent adventures: The lovely Lisa and Matt, Berkshire. Capturing moments like this is *everything* to me; in this case their first dance had just ended, the danc[...]

Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / August 14th 2016 / Birmingham, UK

*Update: SOLD OUT* Use the form over here to go on the reserve list, or register your interest in future workshops. I'm excited to announce a new date for my creative documentary wedding photography workshop: Law School Birmingham. Date: Sunday August 14th 2016. Time: 10 am - 6 pm. Hanging out for a meal, chat and (lots of) cider afterwards, too, of c[...]

One Shot Preview: Sheri & Lee

Man, I've been so busy lately with weddings (just the way I like to be, of course, so not complaining!) that it's meant my blog has fallen behind - time to make up for that now! (By the way, I update my business Facebook page more frequently - usually every day or so - as it's just so much quicker to update than a blog! So do 'like' my page over there for more fre[...]

One Shot Preview: Claire & Paul, Bath

I recently made the journey up to Bath for Claire and Paul's wedding at Kingswood School - the school, no less, that Claire used to attend herself, and at which her father used to be the headmaster! It was my first time as a wedding photographer in Bath (I've been there a few times, have even photographed a proposal there, and done the half-marathon (only once,[...]

Named one of the '100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2016'

A really huge honour to find myself named as one of the 'Best 100 wedding photographers in the world 2016'...still pinching myself, to be honest! To be alongside so many photographers I personally admire; people who have been - and still are - inspirational to me, well, it's quite amazing. I'm shaking my head as I'm typing this, actually, because I find it all so [...]

Hannnah & Karmi / Froyle Park, Hampshire

Ah man, thinking back to Hannah & Karmi's wedding really makes me was just so vibrant and emotional, so full of passion, I just loved capturing it all! It was my first time as a Froyle Park wedding photographer, and Hannah & Karmi made fantastic use of the venue as they actually had two different ceremonies on the same day: The first outside in the [...]

One Shot Preview: Dianna & Paul

Very excited that it's that time of the year season is back in full force! At the weekend I was over in Sussex at the very lovely Gravetye Manor near East Grinstead, for Dianna & Paul. The photo above was taken as they enjoyed a wee stroll through the stunning grounds of Gravetye - I really recommend checking out that venue if you're looking[...]

SLIDESHOW / Some of my personal favourites

  I was recently asked to do a talk at the Irish Professional Photographers Association conference, over in Dublin, and for that I put together a slideshow to show some of my work; I thought it'd also be nice to put it up on the website, et voila! It's definitely viewed as large as you can, at the highest quality (which is 1080p/60), with your volume up lou[...]