Polly & Marc / Asylum Chapel, London

Asylum Chapel Wedding Photography

Polly & Marc are *such* a sweet couple; love these two! As you’ll be able to see from the photos below, from just the way they look at each other you can see the huge amount of love and affection – and I *love* that; it’s just so special to be able to capture it in photographs like this.

It was my first time as an Asylum Chapel wedding photographer, too, and I must say: What a venue! I know I’m not alone in the wedding photography world in liking this place – and I know the Asylum is on a lot of wedding photographers’ ‘wishlist/bucket-list’ of places they would love to shoot at – but wow, what a place. That light! I didn’t really know much about it before shooting there, but it was apparently built in the early 19th century, and is now a Grade II listed building. If you’re looking for something truly different and quirky in London, then you really can’t go wrong with the Asylum: Stain-glassed windows, that distressed look, and – as I’ve already said – that light. Beautiful.

“We’ve had a chance to look at all these beautiful photos now – thank you so much, they are just fantastic. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful record of the day: we will treasure them. And recommend you to everyone we meet! Let us know if there’s anywhere we can post or blog that’s helpful to you, or if we can provide any quotes for a website or anything; we’ve been bowled over by your work and would love to tell other people about it.

Once again thank you, Alan.

Pol and M xx”

After some congratulatory drinks on the grounds right after the ceremony, Polly & Marc hired a traditional London red double-decker bus to take all their guests on to their reception at the fab Forza Win. It was there where some of the most emotional speeches I’ve heard took place – one of my favourite images below is of Polly being passed a hankie during an especially emotional part of her new husband’s speech. Loved how Polly took the mic, too – it’s still so rare for me to see brides do a speech, and I absolutely love it when they do.

By the way, Polly & Marc didn’t want any ‘couple-time’ photos, or group photos either – so that’s why you don’t see any of those types of shots here. They wanted to have the full 100% entirety of their day captured totally naturally – which is of course totally fine with me! Although most of my couples still want some ‘couple time’ images (which I still do in a very relaxed, and un-posed manner; usually just 5 – 10 mins, and still just capturing you both naturally interacting) and a handful of groups (which is, of course, no problem at all), some don’t want any of those – and I don’t force anything upon you in terms of photography, so it’s all good with me.

But enough from me, on to the photos! Here’s a selection of some of my favourite Asylum chapel wedding photography from Polly & Marc’s fab day:

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