Amy & Aidan / Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire

My penultimate wedding of 2016 was quite a different one, to say the least! Held at the unique Aynhoe Park, Amy and Aidan’s wedding was just a blast from start to finish – so much energy, so much life…so much fun! Taking inspiration from their love of festivals and Glastonbury, Amy and Aidan’s wedding was a feast for the eyes – including Glitter Ball people, dwarfs to welcome their guests, stilt-walkers, and an absolutely brilliant drag-queen act in the evening (who were absolutely immense; hands-down the best act I’ve ever seen at a wedding!). All this took place within the uniquely-eccentric venue that is Aynhoe; so, believe me when I say this was a real pleasure to capture – everywhere I looked there was something for my cameras to feast on!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I just truly adore it when couples do weddings their own way – and that’s exactly what Amy and Aidan did; they mad it their own, truly their own. From the large McDonald’s sign taking centre-stage during the ceremony, to the surprise arrival of a band during their vows, to jumping over sticks together, surprise balloon-releases, a best-man ‘wheel of fortune’ speech, to those amazingly-different acts I mentioned before, I can honestly say I’ve not really captured anything like it, and I loved it!

So, anyway, enough of my chatting. Here’s a selection of some of my favourite Aynhoe Park wedding photography from their day:

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  1. The opening shot just sets it up, a momentous shot. They’re all amazing, but then I got to the hairy butt dancers and my life is complete. This looks the most fun wedding ever.

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