Natural and Un-posed.

This is the way I shoot: totally naturally. I don’t ‘set up’ any shots, I don’t put you into poses; I capture the real-life, true moments of your day, observing and recording those moments as they happen. After all, when you look back at a photo where you’ve been posed, you just remember being posed; when you look at a natural photo, you remember how you were feeling. Some people may call this ‘reportage’, others ‘photojournalism’, but names don’t really matter – what does matter is that your wedding is one of the most special days of your lives; not a ‘photoshoot’. I won’t be carting around huge flashes and stands, asking you to wait around for ages as I set up equipment, getting you to put one hand here and one arm there – I photograph you and your guests totally naturally. We can still do some group shots, of course, but these are best kept to a minimum so that I can get back to getting those candid moments. Even when I spend a small amount of time with just the two of you for some portraits (just 10 – 15 mins is enough time to get lots of different natural and real photos, I don’t want to take you away from your guests for hours) this is still un-posed; I want you to just enjoy being with each other – you’ve just got married! – and I’ll capture you naturally, together.

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (178c)

I thrive on capturing moments, and capturing them creatively. This, for example, is Sophie’s best friend seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time.


My whole aim is for you to not even be aware that I’m there, enabling me to get natural – yet creative – images such as this.


Weddings are pure joy and excitement, and I absolutely thrive on capturing this. If you look through my portfolio, or through some of my full weddings, then you’ll notice that a common theme is fun and laughter. You may have seen photos on other websites or magazines where the bride and groom have their eyes closed and heads bowed, looking more like they’re at a funeral rather than experiencing one of the happiest days of their lives – needless to say, you won’t be seeing that shot from me! Some of my favourite bits of feedback from couples has been them saying how well I’ve got on with their family and friends – even with my ‘unique’ sense of humour! – and I think this element of truly fitting in, relaxed and unobtrusive, really helps you and your guests feel at ease, and thus enables me to capture so many fun moments.


The ceremony is a special time, of course – but it can also be hilarious!


Will I be there when your family and friends are letting their hair down on the dancefloor? You betcha!

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (103)

I love capturing natural reactions, so there’s never any posing from me!

Storytelling, not storymaking.

Each moment I capture is one small part of your wedding story, and that’s exactly what it is – YOUR story, not the photographer’s. So I won’t take the rings and place them on a piano. I won’t ask the groom to shake the father of the bride’s hand. I photograph the real elements of your day; the real interactions, the real details as they are, in their actual context. So I’ll capture that handshake as it naturally happens, and I’ll photograph the rings in context – such as if they’re on the side during groom preparations, being double-checked by the best man, or – surely the way that means the most – when they’re placed on your fingers.


So much is in the composition; by including the dress and the bride in the frame, this single shot manages to tell a story.


That moment of pure joy; you’re husband and wife! Timing is so important when it comes to storytelling.


I have to be honest, here: I can’t stand the wedding photography clichés: The bouquet on the floor with the bride and groom out of focus in the background. The rings held up to the camera, with the bride and groom kissing in the background. The bride up front, the groom way back in the distance (you just got married, why do you want to be separated in a photo?). You may have read quite a few times by now on other wedding vendors’ websites that ‘no two weddings are the same’ – and that’s true, so why photograph each wedding the same way? I photograph each and every wedding uniquely, because each wedding is totally different. Every bride and groom is different, people’s reactions are different, the places are different, the details are different – and thus all my photographs are different. No ‘shot list’ to work to, no ‘set poses’ (no posing at all, actually), no recreating past photos – your day is totally unique, so your photos will be so too.

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (1b)

A bit of a different way to make your entrance, don’t you think? Although the act of zipwiring is itself unique, I still aim to capture unique situations in unique ways, hence the composition, and use of light, to really make Rachael ‘pop’ in the frame.

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (1)

A first dance, an embrace…you don’t always need to see faces to feel the emotion and connection. This is not your ‘typical’ first dance shot!


What’s the definition of a creative wedding photographer? Well, I’d say that it’s someone who wants to capture each scene in a non-standard or unique way. Be this down to a creative composition, unusual angle, depth of field, use of light – or whatever means – the end result is a set of images where each frame can stand as a strong, artistic image in its own right. My aim is to create images throughout the entire day that are wall-hangable, not just images of the two of you.

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (45)

I love capturing the energy of the dancing, and this is just another example of the creativity I always try to exude in my images: All done in-camera, in a single photograph, so no multiple-exposure or Photoshop here!

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (5b)

I love this moment between mother and daughter, bridesmaid and flowergirl. Be exposing for a silhouette, and composing them within the centre, I’ve made a creative image – one that makes your eyes dart all around. I love marrying (excuse the pun!) moments with creativity like this; that’s always my goal. Again, no posing whatsoever; this was all taken without them even knowing about it.

People Focus

One of the main reasons I was drawn to wedding photography is because I love to photograph people – laughter, glances, a tender touch, an encouraging smile; the uniqueness and unpredictability of photographing people is just amazingly exciting for me, and there’s no event like a wedding for having so many different elements of human interaction. And although of course the bride and groom are the most important people at a wedding – and I’ll be spending the majority of my time observing them closely – capturing special, candid and creative images of your family and friends is, to me, virtually just as important. I’ll capture the details of your day as well, but it’s the people that make weddings, and capturing them is where my heart is.

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (143)

…right on the nose, poor lad! (He was totally fine, by the way, after a few tears!) ‘Quiet’ moments like this are just as impotant to capture, in my eyes – things that you wouldn’t normally get to see, moments that are all part of the wedding, even if the bride and groom aren’t present.

reportage-wedding-photographer-south-west (110)

It’s not just the bride and groom who feel the romance at weddings! I love capturing moments between guests, just like this.

Photographer, not salesman.

Photographing weddings is what I love to do, not selling. That’s why I include all your photos, full-size and watermark free, as standard. I don’t limit the number I give you, with the intention of you paying up for more; I don’t only edit a select few, as some other photographer do – I individually edit every photo, and you receive them all. Obviously the exact number varies from wedding to wedding, but you can expect around 700 – 1000. Now, I’m not saying this to impress anyone with numbers – as quality is obviously more important that quantity – but I just want you to know that I won’t be limiting you, pushing you to pay more to receive more of your photos – I have absolutely no interest in that. You can make prints, albums or canvases from the files you receive, and though you can also do this through me, I don’t have any interest in pushing this on to you at all; to me, the essence of wedding photography is in the capturing, the images – not the selling.

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