Hey there! I’m Alan.

Ah what to write, what to write…? Does anyone really enjoy writing about themselves…? Well, instead of just lots of writing, I thought I’d show you quite a few images of me – and a couple of videos –  with some little bits of info about each one. I’ve been lucky enough to win numerous international awards, have been a speaker and educator at conferences all over the world (as well as my own ‘Law School’ workshops), am the founder of two global photography communities and award bodies, and have a beautiful little family; more on them all below!

Interview with Studio Ninja

Speaking at Nine Dots Gathering, London. Though it looks like karaoke!

A little family self-portrait! Me, my beautiful wife Oni, our daughter Bella and son Benny.

Winning ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ at TWIA in 2016 for the SW region. I look happy! And bald.

The photo above was taken at Elevate Photo Conference, London, where I was a keynote speaker (as well as being a wedding photographer London, I’ve also taught in the city numerous times). A huge part of my talk was about ‘doubling-down on love’, and, for me, it’s all about this amazing woman. And how many opportunities in life do you get to show a photo of your wife on an actual cinema screen?

Named one of Rangefinder Magazine’s ’30 Rising Stars’ in the world.

Speaking at Irish Professional Photographers Conference, Dublin.

I don’t dress up as a pirate every day, honest. Me and my son at his birthday party.

Speaking at Doc Day, Ireland

I was a speaker at the first Doc Day conference in Dublin (where I was also a partner via This is Reportage, the worldwide community of documentary wedding photographers that I set up). And yes, part of my talk was indeed about Dawson’s Creek…love that show! (Before you ask, I’m a Dawson/Joey fan…)

top 100 wedding photographers slr lounge small

Named one of the ‘Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK’ by SLR Lounge.

Ah, doing what I love here – I absolutely love table tennis! Having a table at your wedding? Yes please!

Winning ‘Best Reportage Wedding Photographer’ at SWWA (I won it 3 times in a row).

Interview with Rolling Film

I did a webinar for Photographers Business; they got this illustration done of me for the promo. Much more flattering than the real thing…!

I spoke at the very first Snap Photography Festival in Wales; here’s an image of me talking about capturing real moments and why they’re so important.

Me and my lovely little girl, Bella! (Though she’s actually quite a bit bigger than this now: eight going on thirteen…)

Just a little bit happy to win the Nine Dots Table Tennis Tournament with Adam Johnson, ha!

As a photographer, you’ve got to do a semi-artistic selfie, right…?

Me and my beautiful wife (I’m a lucky man!) at the This is Reportage Christmas party.

Teaching my 'Law School' workshop

Founder of This is Reportage & This is Reportage: Family

I believe in capturing real moments so much that I founded This is Reportage and This is Reportage: Family – worldwide communities of photographers who celebrate documentary wedding photography and documentary family photography respectively.

With a combined membership of almost 800 photographers, both sites feature Awards for individual captures and Stories (series of images from a single wedding or family), feature educational articles and videos to help us all improve, and have grown to become internationally respected and trusted authorities in their field.

I love playing the guitar and having a sing-a-long! Here’s me doing just that – around an actual campfire, no less! – at Snap Photography Festival in Wales.

  • 30 Rising Stars in the World

  • Top 15 UK Photographers

    Brides Magazine
  • Top 5 UK Photojournalists

  • Top 100 in the World

    Purcell Studios
  • Best Reportage Cornwall

    3-time winner / SWWA
  • Top 50 UK 7 Years in a Row

  • 150 Best International

    SLR Lounge
  • Top 10 Creative UK


Photo credits of me: Top image by James & Lianne, speaking at Nine Dots (and looking like I’m singing Karaoke!) by Adam Riley, walking to pick up TWIA award by TWIA offical photographer, large cinema-screen shot of my wife and me speaking about her at Elevate by Liam Shaw of York Place Studios, speaking at IPPC in Dublin by Tom Doherty, me kissing my son in pirate outfits by my wife Oni (!), series of shots of me speaking at Doc Day by Simon Lelercq, b/w of me laughing and holding a table tennis ball by Emma Chandler, speaking at Snap by Peter Ghobrial, winning the table tennis tournament by Anna Rowland, me and my wife at the TiR Christmas Party by Andrew Billington, playing guitar at Snap by Peter Ghobrial.

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