Named one of the 'Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK'

I had some amazing news this morning: I've been named one of the 'Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the UK' by none other than SLR Lounge! This is a true honour and accolade; so awesome to be alongside so many photographers who I admire and - in a lot of cases - can call my friends too. Thanks so much SLR Lounge!

Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / March 8th 2020 / London, UK

***Update: 50% Sold Out. Announcing Law School London! So excited to be bringing my creative documentary wedding photography workshop to the UK's capital in 2020. Come join me for lots of practical advice, tips, insights and pre-season inspiration! Date: Sunday March 8th 2020. Time: 10 am - 6 pm. Hanging out for food, chat and (lots of) cider afterwards[...]

Best of 2019

Time for my annual 'Best of' post! 2019 has been another fantastic year of weddings; it's been a real pleasure to look back through the (thousands) of images I've taken this year and create this post. For the first time ever, too, I've included some text to accompany every single image - reasons why they've made my 'Best Of'; little insights into the way I work, what [...]

Abbie & Phil / Theobalds Estate, Hertfordshire

Ah it feels good to be blogging again! It may take me a long time to do each post (yes indeedy, *quite* some time, I assure you!) but I really enoy it; it's fab to look back on people and moments that my cameras have had the pleasure to capture, it really is. Today is no exception, as I take you back to early May this year, for Abbie & Phil's fab day at Theobalds [...]

One Shot Preview: Jay & Jessie / Portugal

I was recently over in Portugal for Jay & Jessie's, what a beautiful place! It was my first time over there and I absolutely loved it - Portugal is amazing. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous scenery...and the equally gorgeous Jessie and Jay! Ha, ok, that last line may be a little cheesy, but honestly, I loved it over there, and plan to go back soon with[...]

One Shot Preview: Katherine & Oliver

I've been having an amazing wedding season, with weddings all over the UK and Europe - but, what that has meant is that I just haven't had the time to update my website as often as I'd like to; sorry! I do find it much easier and quicker to update my business Facebook page (and, to a slightly lesser degree, my Instagram), so really do recommend having a look at those [...]

Speaking at Doc Day

I'm totally honoured to have been asked to speak at the inaugural Doc Day - the only Documentary Wedding Photography conference in the world! This extremely exciting event is being held in Dublin, Ireland, on 18th February 2020, and I'll be talking all about what really matters most: Moments. Here's what they said about me, which is super kind: Some of you m[...]

Tom & Al / Lusty Glaze Beach, Cornwall

Really excited to be blogging a new wedding today, and it's one of my favourites (so far!) from my 2019 wedding season: Tom & Al at Lusty Glaze Beach, Newquay, Cornwall. Ah man, I loved this wedding! Tom & Al are just *so* lovely, their family and friends were totally delightful; the day was one long day of total joyness! OK, that's not a word, but you know[...]

Thoughts On An Image: The Groom Awaits...

So, firstly, I need to say a little 'sorry' for not blogging in ages! It's a similar story, but once wedding season gets under way, it's so hard to find time to update the blog as well! I find it quicker and easier to update my Facebook business page, but I realise I should update my own site more often too...! Today I posted on Facebook about this image, which[...]

One Shot Preview: Tom & Al / Lusty Glaze, Cornwall

On Saturday I was over at one of my favourite venues in the UK; the awesome Lusty Glaze in Cornwall. And I was there for these two awesome people: Tom & Al. *Such* a lovely duo, and such an emotional and beautiful day...can't wait to edit their images and share more soon! In the meantime, here's a one-shot preview: In the middle of some really emotional speech[...]

Jess & Stephen / Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Oh Cambridge how I love thee! Honestly, I can safely say that Cambridge is really one of my very favourite cities in the world; it's pretty magical. Just being able to wander around and see so much beautiful architecture, gardens, the Colleges, the river Cam, a bike or few-thousand (!), it's a truly beautiful place. And I class myself very lucky that I've been able[...]

Named in the 'Best 50 UK Wedding Photographers' for the Fifth year in a row!

Super exciting news this morning: I've been named in the '50 Best UK Wedding Photographers' for the fifth year in a row...! Wow, proper pinching myself...! They also said the following ridiculously kind words about me, too; promise, no bribes involved whatsoever! Thanks so much to the kind folk at GoHen for this honour! Right, 9.30 am is not too early for a [...]