Here you’ll find more information about ‘Law School’, my documentary wedding photography workshop, and also the various options I offer for 1-to-1 sessions (including in-person, and online (via Skype) sessions) and small group sessions, too.

Whichever option you choose, I am a complete and open book, wanting you to get as much from your time with me as possible; I’ll be letting you know everything and anything about me, my creative documentary style, my business and marketing and much, much more. I love to teach practically – giving you real, actionable insights and tips, rather than just theory, so expect to go away not just inspired, but armed with a whole new arsenal to take your photography and business forward.

In way of teaching experience, as well as numerous individual one-to-one sessions, I’ve taught 20 workshops all over the UK and Ireland, and have spoken at WPPI in Las Vegas, Snap Photography Festival in Wales, the Irish Professional Photographers Association Conference in Ireland, and the Nine Dots Gathering in London, too.

My wedding photography experience includes shooting over 300 weddings all over the world, and I’ve been very fortunate to receive numerous awards/industry-nods, such as becoming one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars, Top 5 Wedding Photojournalists in the UK, Brides Magazine’s Top 15 UK Wedding Photographers, SLR Lounge’s 150 Best International Photographers, WPS’ Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK, Top 10 Creative Photographers in the UK, winner of Best Reportage Photographer three years in a row, Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers five years in a row, Awards from Fearless, TWIA, WPS, and more.

I’m also the founder of This is Reportage, a worldwide community of the very best documentary wedding photographers.

1-to-1 Sessions

I offer various options for one-to-one wedding photography training, including physical sessions at my studio in Cornwall, UK, or online sessions via Skype. All options are totally bespoke and can be tailored to exactly what you want – of course, I can offer guidance and suggest topics to cover, but I want you to get as much from your time with me as possible, so if there are certain aspects you really want help with, then just let me know.

In-person Full Day / £695 – This is a full day (8 hours, including lunch) at my studio in Cornwall, UK. I’m exclusively yours all day, and, as mentioned above, we can tailor the day exactly to your needs/requirements. I’m happy to suggest topics to cover, of course, and these can include topics such as:

  • How I approach each part of the wedding day
  • The equipment I use (with a detailed breakdown of when and how I use flash, including off-camera flash and on-camera)
  • How and why it’s so important to be creative throughout the entire wedding
  • Just why no posing is ever required (and how I capture my ‘couple time’ images without any posing)
  • In-depth tips and advice on composition and how to capture moments creatively
  • Empathy; how to be in tune with your weddings, and thus really get those emotions and intimate moments.
  • How to get more bookings, and making sure they’re the clients you want.
  • My background before doing this was in search engine optimisation, too, so I can let you know all about SEO. Practical, actionable advice that’ll get you ranking.
  • Branding, online presence and social media.
  • Workflow and editing technique
  • Portfolio / full wedding critique
  • Website critique
  • …and much more…!

Those are just some ideas, but I’m yours to ask and help you with whatever you want. I’m based just a ten minute drive from Truro, Cornwall, and, if you’re staying over (either the night before, or the night of our session) then there’s a handy Premier Inn just a 5 minute walk from my house.

In-person Half Day / £495 – This is just like above, but for 4 hours.

Website / Portfolio / Full Wedding Review / £295 – This is a combined prep, written-report and on-line session which includes my time to critique your website/portfolio/a full wedding (or whatever you want me to critique) beforehand, a written document of my thoughts/advice, and a one-hour Skype session to talk through my findings with you.

Online Sessions (via Skype) / £150 for the first hour, £125 for any extra hours – These online sessions are tailored to exactly what you want (but can also include any of the topics mentioned above). Multiple hours can be booked in advance, and then used when you want (at mutually agreed times) – such as if you want a recent wedding critiqued, my thoughts on your latest blog, or specific advice about anything I can help with.

Interested in one-to-one training sessions? Just get in touch with me and we’ll have a little chat to see exactly what you’re looking for, and to then arrange times that suit us both.

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Small Group Sessions

Groups of 2 to 3 are £350 per person / Groups of 4 to 6  are £300 per person – This is my full ‘Law School’ workshop, but for a smaller group of between 2 – 6 people – taking place at my studio near Truro, Cornwall (though if your group is based super-far from Cornwall, I may be able to travel to you, though this would incur extra travel and possibly hotel costs).

Eight hours, including lunch, with the full criteria of what’s covered on the day as seen on my past workshops pages (like this one). This is perfect if you’ve wanted to go on one of my workshops in the past, but just haven’t been able to make the dates work; now, if you can get at least one other person to come along too, then you can arrange it for a date that works for all of us.

I also have the option of going on a waiting list where you can attend a small group session/workshop with other people (perfect if there’s just one or two of you, who would like a group session, but would like to attend in a bigger group (which also makes it cheaper per person if 4 or more are attending together). To go on that waiting list, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Interested in arranging a small group session? Just drop me a line!

My studio, which is perfect for small group sessions of between 2 – 6 people, or for one-to-one sessions.

Here are some kind words/testimonials from some of my previous 1-to-1 attendees. I also have lots more feedback/testimonials on my previous workshop pages, such as this one.

“I did a one-to-one session with Alan in the summer and it has really changed me as a photographer for the better. As a wedding photographer in a competitive market like Hong Kong I’m always looking to offer something that my competitors don’t. The photojournalistic style is just starting to become popular in Asia and I wanted to refocus my approach to wedding photography. I looked at a number of training courses and Alan’s images and style stood out a mile.

The session was fantastic and included everything from telling me how he goes about a shoot, the lenses and settings he chooses and the way he interacts with his clients. Great to see his efficient editing process and this has really helped me to cut down the time it takes to sort and edit my images. The SEO aspect of the training was invaluable and this also means I don’t have to spend money on hiring a company to do this for me. It really worked once I’d done the things Alan taught me.

Superb day and Alan is such a great guy – I just wish I’d booked him to be my wedding photographer!” – Jamie Ousby


I had some one-to-one time with Alan earlier this year. I’d long been an admirer of his candid approach to documenting weddings and his focus on people. The interactions between the people at a wedding are front and centre in his work and that’s very much where my work has been heading over the past few years.

It’s impossible to go into everything we talked about, the one-to-one session was personal to me and what you take away will likely be different, suffice to say though; Alan helped me to identify the things I was doing well and to look at areas where I could be doing better. He gave me some excellent feedback and critique on my work and some great direction for driving my business forward. He even bought me a pint! It was beneficial, educational and fun! He’s a genuinely nice guy and very willing to share and help – testament to this is the fact that even after our time was up, he’s been happy to help me out with follow up questions and advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his tuition. – Rob Dodsworth


“I approached Alan for a one to one training session having started my wedding photography business just over a year ago. Having completed all of the necessary steps in order to set up a new business, I needed some guidance on how to grow the business further, predominantly in social media marketing and SEO. I also asked him for some equipment advice and to critique my work and website.

The training was informal (which was preferable to me), enjoyable and very valuable. Alan was happy to share best practices and each area was discussed in detail with printed notes/feedback available for me to take away.

I would highly recommend one of these sessions to anyone looking for specific advice in any area of wedding photography business, as each session can be tailored to your exact requirements, which was exactly what I was looking for. Your training was a real eye opener for me and absolutely worth every penny, thank you again” – Tracey Warbey

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‘Law School’ Workshop and Speaker Dates

Upcoming workshops/conference talks:

There are currently no upcoming workshops. Get in touch if you would like 1-to-1 or small group training sessions.

Past workshops/conference talks:

London, UK / 10th March 2020 / Speaking at Elevate Wedding Photography Conference

London, UK / 8th March 2020 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Dublin, Ireland / 18th February 2020 / Speaking at Doc Day Documentary Wedding Photography Conference

Leeds, UK / 4th July 2019

London, UK / Tuesday March 19th 2019

Las Vegas, USA / 26th, 27th & 28th February 2019 / Rangefinder ‘Mentor’ at WPPI

Bristol, UK / Monday August 13th 2018

London, UK / Thursday May 3rd 2018

Birmingham, UK / Sunday February 11th 2018

Leeds, UK / Sunday October 22nd 2017

Cornwall, UK / Monday June 26th 2017

London, UK / Wednesday April 5th 2017

London, UK / Monday April 3rd 2017

Manchester, UK / Sunday January 15th 2017

Manchester, UK / Saturday January 14th 2017

London, UK / November 2016 / Speaker at Nine Dots Gathering

London, UK / Tuesday November 15th 2016

Birmingham, UK / Sunday August 14th 2016

London, UK / Thursday May 19th 2016

Dublin, Ireland / February 2016 / Speaker at Irish Professional Photographers Association Conference

Dublin, Ireland / Friday February 19th 2016

Cornwall, UK / Sunday January 31st 2016

Leeds, UK / Tuesday October 27th 2015

Leeds, UK / Sunday October 25th 2015

London, UK / Thursday June 11th 2015

South Wales, UK / April 2015 / Speaker at Snap Photography Festival

Cornwall, UK / 21st March 2015

Cornwall, UK / 17th January 2015

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