Here you’ll find more information about ‘Law School’, my documentary wedding photography workshop.

On my workshops I am a complete and open book, wanting you to get as much from your time with me as possible; I’ll be letting you know everything and anything about me, my creative documentary style, my business and marketing and much, much more. I love to teach practically – giving you real, actionable insights and tips, rather than just theory, so expect to go away not just inspired, but armed with a whole new arsenal to take your photography and business forward.

In way of teaching experience, I’ve taught over 20 of my ‘Law School’ workshops all over the UK and Ireland, and have spoken at various conferences including WPPI in Las Vegas, Doc Day in Dublin, Elevate in London, Snap Photography Festival in Wales, the Irish Professional Photographers Association Conference in Ireland, and the Nine Dots Gathering in London, too.

My wedding photography experience includes shooting over 300 weddings all over the world, and I’ve been very fortunate to receive numerous awards/industry-nods, such as becoming one of Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars, Top 5 Wedding Photojournalists in the UK, Brides Magazine’s Top 15 UK Wedding Photographers, SLR Lounge’s 150 Best International Photographers, WPS’ Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK, Top 10 Creative Photographers in the UK, winner of Best Reportage Photographer three years in a row, Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 7 years in a row, Awards from Fearless, TWIA, WPS, and more.

I’m also the founder of This is Reportage, a worldwide community of the very best documentary wedding photographers and This is Reportage: Family, for the world’s best family photography.

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‘Law School’ Workshop and Speaker Dates

Upcoming workshops/conference talks:

There are currently no upcoming workshops, but a new date will be announced sometime in 2022. You can go on the mailing list at the bottom of this page to be the first to know when the new date is announced.

Past workshops/conference talks:

Birmingham, UK / Tuesday May 3rd 2022 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / 10th March 2020 / Speaking at Elevate Wedding Photography Conference

London, UK / 8th March 2020 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Dublin, Ireland / 18th February 2020 / Speaking at Doc Day Documentary Wedding Photography Conference

Leeds, UK / 4th July 2019 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / Tuesday March 19th 2019 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Las Vegas, USA / 26th, 27th & 28th February 2019 / Rangefinder ‘Mentor’ at WPPI

Bristol, UK / Monday August 13th 2018 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / Thursday May 3rd 2018 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Birmingham, UK / Sunday February 11th 2018 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Leeds, UK / Sunday October 22nd 2017 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Cornwall, UK / Monday June 26th 2017 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / Wednesday April 5th 2017 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / Monday April 3rd 2017 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Manchester, UK / Sunday January 15th 2017 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Manchester, UK / Saturday January 14th 2017 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / November 2016 / Speaker at Nine Dots Gathering

London, UK / Tuesday November 15th 2016 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Birmingham, UK / Sunday August 14th 2016 / ‘Law School Workshop’

London, UK / Thursday May 19th 2016 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Dublin, Ireland / February 2016 / Speaker at Irish Professional Photographers Association Conference

Dublin, Ireland / Friday February 19th 2016 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Cornwall, UK / Sunday January 31st 2016 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Leeds, UK / Tuesday October 27th 2015 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Leeds, UK / Sunday October 25th 2015 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

London, UK / Thursday June 11th 2015 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

South Wales, UK / April 2015 / Speaker at Snap Photography Festival

Cornwall, UK / 21st March 2015 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

Cornwall, UK / 17th January 2015 / ‘Law School’ Workshop

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