Named one of the ‘100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2016’

100 best wedding photographers in the world

A really huge honour to find myself named as one of the ‘Best 100 wedding photographers in the world 2016’…still pinching myself, to be honest! To be alongside so many photographers I personally admire; people who have been – and still are – inspirational to me, well, it’s quite amazing. I’m shaking my head as I’m typing this, actually, because I find it all so surreal – incredible, yes, but also very, very surreal!

What they said about me is also incredibly kind:

“Raw image making, almost as if the photographer was an invisible presence on the day.”

I think that really sums up what I try to achieve at each and every wedding: To capture the real essence, the real moments, without controlling any aspect of the day – and to do it all unnoticed. It’s lovely that that’s been picked up on from my work. A big shout out and thanks to the lovely Nicholas Purcell who curates this list, garnering nominations from fellow photographers all around the world, and personally looking through thousands of portfolios to see who makes the grade each year – it’s a real honour.

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