Lola & Jon / Bamburgh Castle

About time I started to blog some of last year’s weddings…! Definitely one of my favourites was this incredibly relaxed and fun one: Lola & Jon’s fab day at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland.

Where to begin with these two? I’m lucky to see – and photograph! – people in love all the time, but these two seemed to have an extra special twinkle in each others’ eyes for each other; it was just so lovely to be around, and I hope I’ve captured a bit of that sparkle in the images below. Their ceremony venue was the magnificent Bamburgh Castle; wow, what a place! I’d never been there before so it was a real treat to just be there, let alone capture a wedding too. Right by the sea, the Castle is one of the finest I’ve ever set foot in – and the way you see it ahead in the distance when you’re still a few miles from Bamburgh itself, I’ll always remember that.

After a typically mixed (!) day of weather, where it was sunny one second and absolutely torrential the next, we all made our way to the nearby cricket pavilion for their reception – with so many handmade details, Lola & Jon – with a lot of help from their friends, I think! – made it look beautiful.

Their whole day was just so much fun, so relaxed, and with so much love in the air, it was a total, total pleasure to capture. So, enough of my warbling, here are some of my favourites of their Bamburgh Castle wedding photos:

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  1. Lee says:

    Ah! It’s that awesome wedding with the brilliant beach shot! Love the brides head in hands moment. Looks like epic weather and venue! Nicely done, Alan!

  2. Jamie says:

    Amazing as always Alan, I so look forward to your blog posts! The one on the beach with the castle in the background is my favourite, so simple but really sets the scene …legend!

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