Thoughts On An Image: The Groom Awaits…

So, firstly, I need to say a little ‘sorry’ for not blogging in ages! It’s a similar story, but once wedding season gets under way, it’s so hard to find time to update the blog as well! I find it quicker and easier to update my Facebook business page, but I realise I should update my own site more often too…!

Today I posted on Facebook about this image, which was taken at a wedding I shot just a few weeks ago at Mickleton Hills Farm (which, incidentally, is a fab new venue, really recommend checking it out!).

The point of the post was really just to say that this shot of the groom (the fab Dom) waiting was – as always – taken totally naturally, without any posing or interference from me. You can still capture ‘portraits’ like this (I say ‘portraits’, but it really isn’t a portrait per se, as it’s a total natural moment) without any interference at all; and, in my opinion, they are so much better than posed images, as the resultant image should make you remember how you were feeling at the time – not what you were told to do by the photographer.

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