One Shot Preview: Katherine & Oliver

I’ve been having an amazing wedding season, with weddings all over the UK and Europe – but, what that has meant is that I just haven’t had the time to update my website as often as I’d like to; sorry! I do find it much easier and quicker to update my business Facebook page (and, to a slightly lesser degree, my Instagram), so really do recommend having a look at those (and maybe following me, if you fancy!) to see more frequent recent work.

But anyway, I digress! I’ve just returned from weddings in England, Wales and Portugal, and so have a few minutes to do this quick blog post, of what is one of my favourite captures of the year so far: Katherine and Oliver’s fireworks! I love how Katherine is laughing here – probably at the spectacle, as I’ve never seen such a large and long firework display; it was epic! – and the way Oliver’s looking up, taking it all in. This is from the weekend just gone; will share more one shot previews from my other recent weddings soon…!

documentary wedding photographer - image of bride and groom with fireworks

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