Emma & Jake / Verbier, Switzerland

“Alan thanks so much for all your amazing photos. They made an epic weekend even more epic! Your photos are truly awesome and ensure that we will have lots of fantastic memories.” Emma & Jake.

Where do I begin to describe this wedding? Honestly, I count myself incredibly lucky to be doing what I love for a living; to be able to do it whilst visiting amazing, beautiful places, surrounded by lovely people…well, I still shake my head in disbelief, writing this! Emma and Jake’s wedding was high up in the Alps – at 2200m to be exact! – in Verbier, Switzerland. It was my first time as a Switzerland wedding photographer – my first time in the country since I was a little boy, actually (I bet you really needed to know that!) – and definitely my first time that I’ve arrived to a wedding by cable car…!

Emma and Jake had such a relaxed, fun wedding – always the best kind! – and as soon as I stepped foot in Verbier I could see why they chose to get married there; such a beautiful, awe-inspiring place. As ski-instructors, I think they were used to traversing and witnessing the area blanketed in white, but it looked just as stunning without the white stuff. Choosing to tie the knot outside, on a mountain, officiated by one of their friends, and including a guitar-plus-all-guests rendition of ‘We all live in a yellow submarine’, how could this ever be a wedding I wouldn’t love to shoot? I loved the fact their dog, Indy, played such a big part in the day, too.

So, enough of my talking, and on to some photos! Below are just a sample of some of my favourite photographs from my time as their wedding photographer in Verbier. And yes, they knew how to party, this lot…!

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  1. Classic Lawman! Quality photos dude!! Love the one of the cow with the wedding party in the distance in front of the cow sign..! Great storytelling image. Looks like an amazing location as well mate, totes jel!

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