Named as 1 of Rangefinder Magazine’s ’30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’ 2014


Above is my feature in Rangefinder’s ’30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’. Head over here to see the digital edition of the magazine.

Oh my.

I still can’t believe this. Without sounding overly dramatic (well, without *trying* to sound overly dramatic!) this is huge for me. And just an incredible, incredible honour.

I’ve just been named as one of Rangefinder Magazine’s ’30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography’. In the world.

In the world!

That’s just mad!

Honestly, I remember looking through this annual list a few years ago when I was just starting out, and just being blown away by the talent. In awe of these people’s skills. There was never for a single nano-second any thought that I may one day possibly make this list. No way; it just wasn’t possible.

And then, fast forward a few years, and I open an email that says ‘Congratulations, you’ve been chosen as one of our 30’.

In the world! Did I mention that bit?

It’s easily the most prestigious accolade I’ve ever received – photographers can’t just put themselves forward, you have to be nominated by people in the industry, and then a panel of judges decide who makes the final 30 (just to be nominated is a massive deal, to actually have been chosen to make the 30…. man, it still makes my stomach flip!).

The magazine itself isn’t out until another couple of weeks, and a huge part of me still won’t believe it until I see it in print, but I was just too excited – too honoured and, as you may have guessed, totally over the moon – to wait until then to announce it. *Update, 4th November 2014: It’s out now, as you can see from the image at the top. Whoop whoop!

Without sounding like an Oscar speech, I want to thank all of my couples for putting their trust and faith in me to capture their most special of days through my eyes. Thank you *so much* to the lovely person who nominated me for this, and to the judges who deemed me worthy. My amazing parents – for all your life lessons, and for buying me my very first camera! My beautiful, amazing daughter. And most of all, my brilliant, brilliant wife; the love of my life who encouraged me to follow this photographer journey in the first place. I love you.

Phew. Enough of the writing already; here are a few of my fave recent images instead!

30-rising-stars-2014 30-rising-stars-2014-3 30-rising-stars-2014-8 30-rising-stars-2014-9 30-rising-stars-2014-10 30-rising-stars-2014-confetti 30-rising-stars-2014-uk 30-rising-stars-2014-uk-g 30-rising-stars-2014-uk-rangefinder 30-rising-stars-2014-uk-rangefinder-2 30-rising-stars-2014-uk-rangefinder-6 30-rising-stars-2014-uk-rangefinder-330-rising-stars-2014-uk-rangefinder-dancing 30-rising-stars-wedding-photographer-uk2014 rangefinder-magazine-30-rising-stars-of-wedding-photography-2014-blog
And I’m gonna finish the blog post with an image of my daughter. ‘Cause I love her, just so incredibly much!



  1. Dixie Martin says:

    I know that we’ve never met but I do follow your work weekly and I’m always left breathless (either from awe or laughter!). I’m so happy for you, and know that you truly, truly deserve it! Congrats 😀

  2. Emily St. Clair-Johnson says:

    Huge congratulations Alan!! And very very well deserved, despite your humility. Will you share the link to the magazine when it’s out? Emily

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