One Shot Preview: Laura & Tim

wedding photographer trevenna barns

These two were just delightful; such a lovely couple! Laura and Tim, I just thoroughly enjoyed being around you both and capturing your day for you – loved it!

This is a little preview shot, taken at their fab venue, Trevenna Barns in Cornwall. Earlier in the day they had their ceremony at Fowey Church, and the above shot was taken when we got back to Trevenna, with myself and the couple just going for a little stroll around the grounds. You don’t get much time alone when you get married, so it can be quite nice to just have a few moments together (with me just naturally capturing you both interacting; never any posing from me!).

I always enjoy being a wedding photographer at Trevenna Barns; as well as being a beautiful venue in itself, the people who run it are some of the very nicest in the country – hats off to you guys as ever!

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