Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / October 25th 2015 / Leeds, UK


*Update: Both dates of Law School Leeds have now SOLD OUT. If you missed out, you can go on the reserve list for either date, or go on the mailing list to be notified of any future workshops, by using the form at the very bottom of this page.

I’m very excited to announce a new date for my creative documentary wedding photography workshop: Law School Leeds!

Date: Tuesday 27th October. As this date sold out quickly, I put on another date, Sunday October 25th, but this has now also sold out, too.

Time: 10 am – 6 pm. Hanging out for a meal, chat and (lots of) cider afterwards, too, of course!

Venue: Park Plaza Hotel, Leeds.

Suitable for: Photographers of any level, wanting to increase their reportage and creative wedding photography skills, push their business forward, increase their SEO skills, and get more bookings (and the clients you really want).

Investment: £350, limited to 15 people (£200 deposit required now; £150 balance due three weeks before the workshop). Lunch and refreshments included. (*Both dates have sold out – use the form at the bottom of the page to go on the reserve list, or to go on the mailing list to be the first to know of future workshops)

What we’ll cover: Lots! I want you to get as much out of this workshop as possible, and I’ve created a schedule which’ll cover everything, including:

  • How I approach each part of the wedding day
  • The equipment I use
  • How and why it’s so important to be creative throughout the entire wedding
  • Just why no posing is ever required
  • Composition; how to capture moments creatively
  • Empathy; how to be in tune with your weddings, and thus really get those emotions and moments.
  • How to get more bookings, and making sure they’re the clients you want.
  • My background before doing this was in search engine optimisation, too, so I’ll be letting you know all about SEO. Practical, actionable advice that’ll get you ranking.
  • What works for me in terms of Social Media.
  • Workflow and editing technique
  • …and much more…!

What this isn’t: My workshop won’t be about posing, or setting up shots. To me, that’s not what wedding photography is about. There will be no live shoot on the day; so, although some time with the just the couple is a very important part to capture, I’ll talk you through how I do this totally pose-free, obtaining images which are natural, yet still dynamic and creative. If you’re looking for a workshop where you can get shots of two models for your portfolio, this isn’t it. If you’re interested in capturing *every* element of a wedding day creatively yet naturally, then this *is* it 🙂 (Getting a couple of models in to take images of would be pointless, as I’m all about capturing real moments, real people. I also wouldn’t be able to fit in all of the information I’ve got to share with you if we were shooting for hours.)

Nothing will be held back; I’m yours to ask anything of, and my goal is for you to come away not only inspired, but armed with a whole new set of skills, techniques and knowledge to propel your business. Everything I’ve done and learned to go from just starting out, to becoming one of Rangerfinder’s ’30 Rising Stars’ in the world, and three time winner of Best Reportage Wedding Photographer (SWA 2013, 2014 & 2015), in just three years of business, is what I’ll share.

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me anything, we can all share tips and advice, and just hang out. The previous workshop FB groups have all been a great place to hang out and learn from each other, and new friends have been made 🙂

Exclusive discounts just for Law School attendees will also be shared, for some of the products that I personally couldn’t live without.

Some kind words from previous attendees:

  • “I’ve been following Alan’s work for a few years now and I was thrilled when I saw he was running a workshop in London! It has to be said, I wasn’t disappointed. Alan is so open and honest about his work, his style and how he achieves this, the equipment and why he uses this, how he attracts his clients and pretty much anything else we asked him! You really got a sense of mentoring at this workshop. Although Alan had never met us before, but you felt he wanted to share everything he had learnt with us so that we too could create a successful business like his. His passion for his work really shone throughout the whole day which was a real inspiration.In the afternoon Alan spoke about SEO. He went through tips and tricks of getting on page 1 of Google, pointing us to invaluable resources and again stopping to answer questions and recapping on the more complex aspects. I now have a whole notebook full of notes that I guard with my life!Not only was this the best thing I’ve done to move my business forwards, but it’s also provided me with a network of 15 likeminded photographers. It didn’t stop after the workshop; we now have an active FB group to help and support each other. A definite ‘must’ workshop for those wanting to grow, expand and develop both their style and business.” – Ferri Photography
  • Paul Richards from Albion Row Photography wrote a lovely review over on his site. An excerpt: “Needless to say, I would highly recommend that any photographer attend one of Alan’s workshops if they have the chance. Top bloke, amazing wedding photographer and all round nice guy to spend a day with!”. Full review here.
  • “Having two degrees already in photography I have been a little sceptical of the current fashion in photography workshops cropping up wherever you look, and what if anything they can add to my skillset. A lot seem to depends on trends in lighting and gadgets that will go out of fashion. Law School appealed to me as it seemed to focus on approach rather than tools and tricks as well as the added bonus of Alan being an SEO guru.I was really pleased with the amount of knowledge I feel I’ve gained from Alan, from having courage with your convictions and way of shooting to the vast amount I took from the SEO section. Honest, realistic and down to earth Alan is a fantastic tutor (and photographer) and I fully recommend his courses to anyone looking to enhance their skill set.” – LoveSeen Photography
  • “The Law School is the first photography workshop I have taken part in since going freelance. I have always wanted to better myself, but have been wary of spending money and not getting much out of a course. However, I can hand on my heart say this was the most valuable investment I have made in myself and my company. Not only was all the information Alan provided of great importance and relevance, his laid back attitude and enthusism for his art was so inspring. He has made me feel more confident in myself and my style, and more assured that I can be myself. In the last few days of making changes to my website, I have had two amazing enquiries come in! Huge thanks Alan, great workshop!” – Wild Rose Photography
  • “Brilliant day Alan! Thank you so much, very inspiring and I am all fired up to make the changes I need to make and go forward with my business. I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone, your sincerity and relaxed approach to teaching is refreshing!” – Cristina Rossi Photography
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed Alan’s “Law School”. The course was very well structured/paced and Alan presented his points clearly but he also encouraged us to ask questions to make sure we understood everything.
    Since the workshop I’ve photographed a wedding so have had a chance to practice the skills and tips I learned on the course. I’m totally over the moon with the results from that wedding – particularly the unposed couple shots which look truly magical! The course was also great for networking and meeting fellow Wedding Photographers from all over the UK. In all a great experience which I would highly recommend to Wedding Photographers of all levels. Thank you Alan!”Paul Grace Photography
  • “They say in life, ‘you can only take, what you put in’. Through the right training and investment, you can provide yourself with the knowledge to succeed in life and in business. In a world that is saturated by so many workshops saying they will teach you this and that, finding what is right for you, for your style and for where you want to see yourself, is a painstaking task.But I stumbled across Alan Laws Photography workshop ‘Law School’ one day and through the following of his work, knew instantly that I had to book this course. His refreshing vision to wedding photography was what drew me to the workshop, along with the relaxed yet invigorating passion of his teachings, made for a truly worthwhile and fun day. Not only do you see and experience the vision of his images and the hows and whys to his style, but Alan also provides you with an insight into SEO techniques to push you and your business further.Add all of this into the location of Newquay and the after drinks we had, you’re in for a workshop experience that will ensure you wake up at 4am the next morning, wanting to make changes to your business, just as it did me.” – Rob Grimes Photography
  • “Thanks so much again for the workshop. We both really enjoyed it and found it motivating & inspiring too. It really ignited our love for shooting weddings and people and really drilled it home about shooting the whole day and not just the bride and groom, I love that approach. You images are just stunning and it was really lovely to hear you chat about it and see how you do some things. The SEO stuff was of course super good too, we’re looking forward to putting it into practise.” – Anna Clarke Photography
  • “Thanks Alan! Great day very inspiring! My brain is still in a freeze-shock-mode looking forward to putting it all into action! Thanks again and looking forward to stay in touch with you and everyone! (Update: “Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you again for your SEO advice! As per today I am on page 1 in Google for my main keyword! And I only launched my new website the week after the course! Thank you again for your invaluable advice!”)” – Ilaria Petrucci Photography
  • “It was great to come down and see you on your home turf and I think everyone got lots from the day. What I’d say about the seminar was that it was a great mix of inspiring photography and sound business advice that any level of photographer would benefit from.” – Andrew Billington Photography
  • “‘I have to be honest – I hadn’t heard of Alan before but stumbled across his work through a fellow photographer who had been on his ‘Law School Course’. To say I was transfixed with his style was an understatement! I was totally captivated by how he simply portrayed the story of each couples wedding exactly as it happened! This is a theory I have long since wanted to follow! For far too long I have conformed to what I believed the ‘wedding industry’ expected of me and just never felt comfortable with it. When I saw the images that Alan was producing I knew that I had to find out more!Alan took us through his style and approach by showing us his work and answering honestly to our questions. For me it was like the final nail in the coffin that confirmed to me I needed to shoot how I wanted to shoot and not what I thought I should shoot to please others! The course was so refreshing as Alan’s work and approach is so honest and true and goes to prove that you don’t have to stage anything to make a fantastic photograph. Fantastic imagery comes from being real and Alan’s work is that in abundance!Alan also didn’t hold anything back and was very open with any questions we had in regard to technique – however it was very evident that this isn’t what makes a picture – a HUGE lesson learnt for me personally! As an added bonus to the day, Alan took us through some SEO techniques that he uses. I have to admit that SEO is almost a swear word for me but I have actually come away feeling a little more at ease with those three little letters!Since the course I have come home and updated my website, dealt with my SEO fears and finally come to peace with the knowledge that I need to shoot for me first! I can’t thank Alan enough and would thoroughly recommend doing the course!’ – Tracey Christina Photography
  • “I loved yesterday, it was totally, utterly worth the 13 hour round trip! Thank you for putting together such a great session for us.” – Rabbit Hole Photography
  • “Brilliant. Soooo much to take in. As close to a Vulcan mind meld as you’re going to get. It was a great seminar and a very valuable experience in learning how someone else ‘sees’. I particularly liked the talk through of each image (I could have done that all day), and of course the SEO ‘bit’. Lots of golden nuggets in there! Having some printed notes to take away was very useful (obviously for the SEO), as it allowed more time to listen to what you were saying.” – Mark Leaonard Photography
  • “Thank you so much Alan for a brilliant & inspiring workshop, in which your passion and creatively to wedding photography is very motivating. And I would highly recommend any photographer to attend one of your workshops.” – Karl Brown Photography
  • “I have been photographing weddings for about 2 years and every thing I know or understand about wedding photography is all self taught, so I had been looking around for a while to invest in my very first wedding photography workshop and when I saw Alan Law advertise his Law School, I knew straight away I wanted to attend. I love the look and feel of Alan’s work and really wanted to get an insight into how he approaches his weddings, I have to say he didn’t disappoint. Alan was very open in discussing how he captures the day, from his overall approach to the equipment he uses and his workflow, it was hugely informative and worth the investment. I would highly recommend Alan’s course for anyone looking for inspiration… look no further 🙂 ” – Ann Dineen Photography
  • “Fantastic day – thanks Alan. Great to meet everyone. So inspired to be brave enough to carve out my own style rather than sticking to what’s ‘safe’!” – Isabelle Fearne Photography
  • “On March 21st I attended Alan Law’s ‘Law School’in Cornwall. In just a few years Alan has built up a very successful wedding photography business. He is a talented photographer with tonnes of SEO experience. Alan kindly shared his creative approach to wedding photography and SEO knowledge with us. The day was spent at Watergate Bay Hotel (a truly beautiful location), with 15 like-minded photographers; all with varying backgrounds. Alan is a friendly person, his photography is fantastic and his background in SEO and his knowledge on the subject is such a great help to photographers looking to climb up Google’s ranking. I would highly recommend this course!” – Luz Photography
  • “Just wanted say thanks for a top day Alan, learnt loads, made some new friends and caught up with others. Thanks for being so generous in sharing your own experiences and the endless patience with all the questions. Nice one, thanks again” – Scott Sharples Photography
  • “It was a very insightful day, so much to take in. I just hope I can decipher my own scrawl into legible notes. Many thanks Alan, I feel inspired and motivated.” – Michael Poole, Luna Photography
  • “Just wanted to drop you a email to say Thank you so much for yesterday. I really enjoyed the workshop, learning how you work and how you personally approach weddings. I found it really refreshing and I figured out what I like about your work…. Simply your pictures make me smile! Anyway it’s really inspired me to re-focus on the documentary element of my work!! So thanks for that!” – Rosie Anderson Photography
  • “Thank you Alan, such a great day with excellent company. Made some new friends and have come away feeling very inspired!” – Brian Robinson Photography
  • “I recently attended Alan Laws workshop, Law School. I’d previously read about Alan’s approach to weddings on his website and I immediately knew I wanted to attend. His philosophy behind his approach to weddings is exactly how I want to portray my wedding photography business. Needless to say it didn’t disappoint. I came away with lots of nuggets of information and armed with SEO knowledge. A truly great workshop with a top, top guy. Not only was it a great day I also met some other fantastic photographers who I can now call friends.” – Lee Allison Photography
  • “Thanks so much Al, Law School was awesome! It was an extremely interesting and informative day. It was great to hear your creative ideas and approach to wedding photography and the SEO part of the day was packed full of really useful information. I don’t think I have ever taken down so many notes from one workshop! If anyone is considering this workshop then I would highly recommend it, it’s worth every penny. Al is a top bloke and an inspirational wedding photographer.” – Stewart Girvan Photography
  • “I have had the most brilliant weekend! Yesterday I was lucky to be a part of a photography workshop run by one of my favourite photographers, Alan Law. It was an inspirational day in the beautiful setting of Watergate Bay, I learnt so much my head is spinning!!” – Rebecca Leigh Photography
  • “I’ve been a fan of Alan Law for a good while and have followed his progression over the years. I love the natural feel and spontaneity of his work which captures the day so well with emotion and humour. His workshop did not disappoint not only did he share his vast knowledge and experience he also inspired me to refresh my thinking and take on board many tips and ideas for the start of the season this year. The content of the workshop was very thorough and the section on internet marketing was a real eye opener in terms of promoting my business online. I enjoyed the company of other professional photographers many of which I will keep in touch with. Overall the course was excellent, well worth the time and investment and the after the party and the amazing location just made the course even better well done for organising a great day Alan, overall a 10/10. Thank you very much” – Wowtastic Photography
  • “Don’t think twice – book on this course. It’s real, true and exactly what you need to hear. If, like me, you’re lacking a bit of confidence and want to progress with your photography business, this is the perfect course to give you the boost you need. Alan is a fantastic photographer and teacher. His photos shown throughout the day really inspired me to take another look at my work and go through images that I loved but just assumed other people wouldn’t.I spend far too much time worrying if my photos are good enough or if people will like them, at the end of the day, if you like your work it doesn’t matter what other people think. I have IT DOESN”T MATTER permanently in my head now whenever I have silly confidence issues. I’m now ready to set up my business and do what I love to do. Great day, great teaching style, great venue & lunch and I’ve made lovely new friends so an all round fantastic day. Thank you so much Alan.” – Allison Dewey Photography

Thanks to the lovely people at Zenfolio, Flothemes, Photo Mechanic, Spider Camera Holster, and Red Leaf Studios for their support of Law School


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