Another year gone by in an absolute flash; I know it’s said everywhere, but it really is true: Time just goes quicker and quicker every year. Now I’ve got two small children that sense of time flying by just seems to have quadrupled, too. There really is nothing more valuable than time, is there? But, woah Al, enough of the sentimentality already! I don’t think you’re here to hear me warble on about time and life…!

So, weddings then. And what a fab year it’s been! Each year when I look to compile my favourite images, it’s always fun (and daunting. And time consuming. Oh how time consuming!) to look back at the things my cameras have been privy to; the laughter, the embraces, the looks, the guests giving piggybacks to drag queens…2016 has been a whirlwind (which is what I said about last year, too, but hey, this ‘job’ really is a continual whirlwind, which I absolutely love).

This year I decided to keep to 100 images for this post. Why? Well, I thought it seemed a challenge, I like round numbers, and I thought 100 would make for a manageable post for people (you, my friend, you!) to get through without falling asleep…

What have been my personal highlights? It’s so hard to say. Shooting a wedding at 2200m on top of a mountain in Verbier, Switzerland, was amazing. A chateau wedding in France, with the pre-wedding party at the beautiful Pont d’Avignon (which I’m yet to blog; I’m so awful at blogging!) was pretty special too. But, you know what? It sounds cheesy – cliched, even – but it’s so true: Every single wedding is an honour to capture; every wedding where someone has put their total trust – and hard-earned money! – into me and my cameras, is special, and within them they all contain special, totally unique moments. Looking back at the (thousands and thousands) of images I’ve taken this year just reminds me how fortunate I am to be doing this; to be doing something I absolutely love; to be providing something that (hopefully) other people are going to love…it’s amazing. And, yes, I say the word ‘amazing’ a lot. At my own wedding, when I was doing the groom’s speech, I think I said ‘amazing’ 38 times. But there are just so many amazing things in life…I’m a lucky man (and a slightly superstitious man, so I did actually touch wood as I just typed ‘I’m a lucky man’).

To further my luck, 2016 saw me named as one of the ‘100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World’ and one of the ‘Top 150 International Wedding Photographers’ (which – ridiculously – I haven’t even blogged about yet; told you I was awful!). These are both huge honours, and feel so incredibly surreal to me. Amazing, yet totally, completely surreal.

2016 has also seen me doing more of my Law School workshops in London, Cornwall, Birmingham, and Dublin, which I’ve absolutely loved doing. It’s incredibly rewarding – let alone fun – and I’ve made so many new friends, too. Again, I’m so lucky to have received such lovely feedback from people who have come along to hear me ‘talk shop’…it’s, yes, you’ve guessed it, amazing. I’m starting this year with two workshops in Manchester, actually, in a couple of weeks, which I can’t wait for (the first date sold out, so I’ve put on an extra date on Saturday January 14th which has some places left, if you fancy it). I was also honoured to have been asked to talk at the Irish Professional Photographers Association in Dublin at the beginning of the year, and the awesome Nine Dots Gathering in London at the end of the year (which is an absolutely amazing event; if you’re a wedding photographer, I can’t stress enough how much you should go to this year’s event in November).

So, anyway, enough of me warbling on. I congratulate you (and apologise) if you’ve actually read all of that. On to the point of this post: A selection of some of my favourite images of the year. As always, there’s no rhyme or reason as to how I go about making my selection – other to say that these are all images which caught my eye, made me smile, made me think, or perhaps a combination of all three. Here are 100 of my favourite images from 2016:

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