Sophie & Tom / Wasing Park

“We are literally speechless and filled with tears, I am honestly gobsmacked at how talented you are?! They are breathtaking!!!!!!!!!! We adore them more than you will ever know thank you so so much! We will never be able to thank you enough – you are beyond talented – we will cherish these pictures forever! I can’t even remember seeing you take a single picture…it’s like you wore an invisible cape!! We will be forever grateful to you – never stop doing what you do, we love you! ” – Sophie & Tom

Sophie and Tom; love these two! I first met them a couple of years ago when Sophie was a bridesmaid at a different wedding I shot (another fab day, which I’ll feature as well, soon!); it was a real pleasure to be asked to be her wedding photographer at Wasing Park. After this wedding, and just recently, I got to see Sophie and Tom again, too, as I just shot another of her friend’s weddings, where she was a bridesmaid again! Really lovely to see them again; it’s almost becoming a bit of an annual tradition…! So, in my selection of some of my favourite Wasing Park wedding photos below, as well as Sophie and Tom, there are two other ‘past grooms and brides’ of mine (with the couple kissing, third from bottom, having just got married only a couple of weeks ago).

I have such lovely memories from this day; such a fun and relaxed wedding – a real pleasure to capture. I hope you’ll be able to see from the photos how much fun everyone had! Quite a few of my very favourite images from last year came from this wedding, too: Personally, I love the one of Sophie putting her perfume on, framed between the wall and door; I love the one where they’re both waiting to be called in to the wedding breakfast, sitting outside in the rain with umbrellas, where I’ve sneakily caught them embracing; I love their huge happy reaction as they’re pronounced husband and wife; I love their speech reactions (love ’em!); I love the capture of two guests embracing (who then became another one of my brides and grooms, the lovely Laura & Pete); I love the swirl of Sophie’s dress as Tom picks her up during their first dance. But, saying that, I really like all of these – obviously, as otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging them…!

So, enough of me, on to a mini gallery of their Wasing Park wedding photographs:

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  1. Amy says:

    Love, love, love all of these photographs Alan! Your bit of advice about not feeling self-conscious when photographing the way you want to is on point – the biggest change I made to how I shoot weddings – and I find it so much more enjoyable as a result. Epic work as always dude! 🙂

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