Gee & Ben / Hengrave Hall

“We are absolutely delighted with the photos! Soooo many amazing moments captured by your genius!” – Gee & Ben

Gee and Ben are so lovely, and their day was fab; it was my first time as a Hengrave Hall wedding photographer, and it was lovely to shoot at. The weather played ball – which is always nice! – and their day was just as it should be: Fun, joyous, relaxed and truly theirs. Looking back through their photos, it was difficult for me to choose some of my favourites, as there were just so many; but I managed to nail it down to around 40 below.

Blogging may take me a (very, very) long time to do, but it’s massively worth it, because as I look back through a couple’s images – in the case the very lovely Gee and Ben – it really makes me re-live the day; I sit here on my computer (a PC, yes, fellow photographers, I’m a non-Mac heathen!) with a bit of a dopey smile face on. 🙂 It just makes me smile to look back at it all, and it also gives me (yet another) reminder of how lucky I am to be doing this for a living; to be surrounded by so much joy and love most weekends, to be capturing and recording it forever…it’s a joy, it really is.

Right, enough sentimentality, Alan…! Here’s some of their Hengrave Hall wedding photos:

hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-1 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-2 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-3 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-4 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-5 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-6 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-7 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-8 hengrave hall wedding photography - bride having make up done in mirror hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-10 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-11 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-12 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-13 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-14 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-15 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-16 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-17 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-18 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-19 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-20 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-21 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-22 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-23 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-24 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-25 hengrave hall wedding photo - bride and groom sharing a moment in the woods hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-27 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-28 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-29 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-30 hengrave-hall-wedding-photographer-photos-31 hengrave hall wedding photographer - first dance


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