Another year gone by faster than you can say ‘Large Chicken Legend with Spicy Mayo Meal and Coke, please’ – literally just flown by!

It’s always a labour of love to sit down and compile my favourite shots of the year, and 2017 has been no different – it takes a looooooooooong time to look through all the images I’ve taken, but it’s also really fun and rewarding; seeing things I totally forgotten I’d seen, remembering moments that make me smile…the whole process really takes me back to each and every wedding – which is a joy unto itself.

I know, if you look at a lot of ‘best of’ posts, that you’ll be used to reading how thankful the photographer is to each couple for allowing them in on such a special day; and I’m no different – it really is an honour to be surrounded by so much love and joy virtually every weekend, to be trusted to capture one of the most important days in people’s lives, and I still pinch myself that I can do this for a living.

I’ve been honoured this year to be named in various lists, such as ‘Top 5 Wedding Photojournalists in the UK’, ‘Top 9 Wedding Photographers in the UK’ by Brides Magazine, and ‘Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK’ by WPS – honestly, all so surreal to be mentioned on these things, it really is.

2017 has also seen me launch This is Reportage, a worldwide directory and awards website exclusively focusing (excuse the camera pun!) on the documentary aspect of our work. A long time in the making (web design originally began in 2016), it’s been incredibly exciting to get it out there at last, and within the first three weeks of launch over 160 photographers have signed up, from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Australia, Poland, Portugal, Ireland and Germany. (If you’re a photographer, you can apply to become a member over here – the deadline for our first Reportage Awards and Reportage Story Awards isn’t until the last week of January 2018).

It’s also been a busy year for me training-wise, as I’ve taken my Law School wedding photography workshop to Manchester, London, Cornwall and Leeds – as well as giving a talk to Truro college photography students, and one for my daughter’s reception class – a room full of 5 year olds; I won’t tell you which of all those I was more nervous about! If you’re interested in upcoming workshops, you can go on the mailing list for priority access over here.

I’m lucky to be almost fully booked for 2018 already, with weddings in Montenegro, England, Wales, Scotland and France all coming up; it’s best to get in touch as soon as you can if you’re considering having me as your photographer.

Anyway, enough of me talking/typing; here’s 100 of some of my favourite captures from 2017:

alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-1 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-1b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-1bb alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-1ee alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-1f alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-1g alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-2 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-2aa alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-4 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-4b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-4c alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-4d alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-10 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-12 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-12b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-12bb alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-12c alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-12d alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-21 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-22 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-23 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-27 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-27a alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-27b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-32 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-32a alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-32b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-32bb alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-32c alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-37 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-39a alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-39b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-40 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42cc alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-41 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42c alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42d alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42e alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-42f alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-43 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-47k alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-49 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-53 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-54h alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-55 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-55j alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-55k alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-56 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-61 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-63s alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-63t alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-64 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-65h alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-66t alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-67 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-70 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-71 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-72 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-77 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-78 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-79 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-81 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-82 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-82b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-83 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-84 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-84b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-87bb alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-88i alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-89 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-92 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-92b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-92c alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-92g alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-92gg alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-92h alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-93 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-99 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-99aa alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-99ab alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-99bb alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-99l alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-100 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-102 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-102a alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-102aa alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-102b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-103 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-105 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-105b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-106 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-108b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-108h alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-109 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-109b alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-111 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-115 alan-law-photography-best-of-2017-116

…and I think being able to end a ‘Best Of’ post with an image of a dog oh-so-very-nearly leaving a little ‘wedding present’ on the wedding dress has really made my year!