Nicolette & Karl / Lusty Glaze, Cornwall

Nicolette and Karl’s Lusty Glaze wedding photography was all about ENERGY! Which is ironic, given the fact that Nicolette broke her ankle just a couple of days before the big day…this, ladies and gentleman, is the definition of the ‘I’m not going to let anything ruin my wedding day’ wedding!

Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay, Cornwall, really is one of the most unique wedding venues in the whole of the UK, as you literally get married right on the beach. However, those who have been there will also know that there are a fair few steps (!) needed to get down to the beach, so it probably isn’t the best venue if you’re going to break your ankle just a few days before saying ‘I do’…! But, even though she had this bad luck, I can honestly say that I’ve hardly ever seen such a smiley, joyous – and downright party animal! – bride as Nicolette; she wasn’t going to let something as trivial as a cast (!) stop her from absolutely owning the dancefloor!

As you’ll see from their Lusty Glaze wedding photography below, there was so much energy in their day; just so full of life – a real high octane celebration of their love. Yes, there were quieter, emotional times – as you’ll see – but the overriding element was of fun and energy; a real joy to capture. A little nod to the Singing Waiters who totally surprised Nicolette & Karl’s guests by breaking out into song part-way through their reception (after having served them all canapes earlier in the day). They rocked it!

As is always so important, they did things their own way – and this included having no ‘couple time’ images at all; they just wanted 100% natural captures – which was all good with me! Though most of my couples want some ‘couple time’ – which is usually only ten minutes or so (as the last thing I want to do is to take you away from your family and friends – and party! – for ages), and which is still always unposed, capturing you both interacting and the way you naturally are with each other – Nicolette & Karl didn’t want any, and either option is totally great with me. As you’ll hopefully see from the images below, a separate ‘couple time’ is not necessary to get great captures of the two of you anyway…

So, anyway, hopefully you’ll get the same sense of joy and energy that I experienced myself, as Nicolette & Karl’s Lusty Glaze wedding photographer, by viewing some of my favourite photos from their day below:

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