Erin & Martin / Doxford Farm, Northumberland

One of the best things about my ‘job’ is the sheer diversity – every wedding is totally different; every moment is different, even if I’m shooting a the same venue. Erin & Martin’s Doxford Farm wedding photography in Northumberland was a great example of this, as it was the first time I’d captured a Wiccan wedding; loved it!

There was *so* much emotion for me to capture; from Martin’s emotional tears as Erin was walking down the aisle (and quite a bit more throughout their ceremony, too!), to Erin’s dad’s emotional embrace of his daughter when he saw her in her dress for the first time – and much more – such an honour to be able to capture these unique moments for them.

But anyway, enough of my words; onto a selection of some of my favourite photos from my time as their Doxford Farm wedding photographer:

Doxford Farm Wedding Photography Doxford Farm Wedding Photography Doxford Farm Wedding Photographer Doxford Farm Wedding Photographer

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