Speaking at WPPI in Las Vegas!

I’m so honoured and thrilled to have been asked to be a speaker at WPPI in Las Vegas!

WPPI is the largest wedding photography conference in the world, with about 13,000 photographers heading to Vegas each year from all over the globe. This year, Rangefinder are running a three-day workshop there, called ‘Rise & Shine’, where some past 30 Rising Stars are going to share all about wedding photography. I was a 30 Rising Star back in 2014 (really one of the highest accolades you can achieve in our industry), and it was a complete shock and honour when Rangefinder contacted me a couple of months ago, asking if I would speak in Vegas! I took all of a second to decide…!

I will be a ‘Mentor’, taking a group of ten photographers over three days, where I’ll be discussing and sharing my thoughts/tips on things such as style, consistency, business acumen, marketing, branding, and much more….really cannot wait!

If you’re interested in coming to Las Vegas for WPPI, you can register through my link to receive a free Expo pass, or 15% off an All Access Pass.

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