Tom & Al / Lusty Glaze Beach, Cornwall

Really excited to be blogging a new wedding today, and it’s one of my favourites (so far!) from my 2019 wedding season: Tom & Al at Lusty Glaze Beach, Newquay, Cornwall.

Ah man, I loved this wedding! Tom & Al are just *so* lovely, their family and friends were totally delightful; the day was one long day of total joyness! OK, that’s not a word, but you know what I mean. Just love radiating out of everywhere. And so much emotion! Emotion, relationships – moments – these are what I adore about wedding photography, what I always strive to capture, and there was so much to capture here.

I’m also going to be doing something a bit different today, as I’m going to write a bit about certain images…sometimes it’ll be my thoughts about what’s happening, why I like it, about my thought process, and other times it may be about certain photographic elements – either way, I hope you enjoy reading some of my thoughts as well as (hopefully!) enjoying looking at the photos.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite photos from my time as Tom & Al’s Lusty Glaze wedding photographer in Cornwall (with added ‘director’s commentary-like’ text accompanying some photographs):

Al's mum embraces his son during the speeches at Lusty Glaze
I’m starting the post with one my very favourite captures; this is Al’s mum embracing him during the speeches. It’s a simple shot, but I just love the moment here – always such an honour to capture moments between mother and son like this.
Alex and his mum, during my time as a Lusty Glaze wedding photographer
…and I thought I’d follow it with a moment between Tom and his mum – just minutes after he’s married the love of his life, I think you can feel the bond between mother and son, and just how proud she is of him. From a photographer’s perspective, shooting close with a wide angle lens (which I love to do) helps massively in capturing intimacy; making the viewer feel like they were right there. In my opinion, anyway!
One of Tom & Al’s dogs, taking a bit of a break in the shade! It was a warm day indeed. Side note: There will be quite a few dog photos in this post. No apologies for this; I love dogs at weddings!
As a super secret, Tom had arranged for one of their best friends to sing their First Dance – Al had no idea! I’ve purposely framed this shot to get their friend singing in the foreground, trying to tell the story/moment in a single frame.

I have zero problems with friends/family with cameras *whatsoever*! I think we, as wedding photographers, should appreciate the fact that people love taking their own images even more – we know, first-hand, the joy that photography brings – so we shouldn’t be telling people not to take their own photos. I just don’t get the whole ‘unplugged’ movement; it’s all part of your day, and I love including it in my coverage.
…told you there’d be a lot of dog photos!
Tom & Al's First Kiss at Lusty Glaze
Love a First Kiss with gusto!

Laughter – always so important to capture! So much is in the composition.
Love the intimacy of this First Dance capture; the raised viewpoint showing it from a different angle, and all those happy faces in the background

I see a lot of different entertainment ideas at weddings, and I must say that caricature artists seem to be one of the best; people love posing for them, and they get a great keepsake of the day, too.
Sometimes it the repetition of shapes, and just general composition that draws my eye. No big ‘moment’ here, but I like the abstractness.

Love the look between the newly married Al and his dog here! I like shooting almost from the viewpoint of other people (or in this case, animal); it’s like you’re viewing the action from the dog’s eyes, here.
Al comforting his new mother-in-law. A small moment, but it’s all moments like this that are *so* vital to capture.

Abstract again, but I like it! Got to make the most of a sunny Cornish day too…

Love this triple-embrace! Tom and Al embracing one of their best friends after her heartfelt speech.
Capturing looks between people…it’s the ‘small’ things like this that mean so much. Tom & Al share a little glance during their ceremony.

Just a natural moment; not from a portrait session, or ‘couple time’.

Sometimes the most simple of shots is the best. Pure intimacy.

Love capturing reactions to magicians!

Another personal love of mine is to capture moments of intimacy between guests…I want my couples to see things/moments in their wedding photos that they weren’t even privy to themselves on the day. I also think it’s lovely that they can send their friends images like this.

No posing, no interference…just Tom & Al enjoying the amazing sunset at Lusty Glaze.

I hope you get a sense of the love all of Tom & Al’s friends have for them in this capture.

When the secret of who was going to be singing their First Dance was revealed…!

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts as well as viewing the images this time…let me know if you did, and I’ll try to do it again (I enjoyed it anyway…!).


  1. Helen Lisk says:

    Alan, this is SUCH an incredible set of images! Just so many really astoundingly good shots. You really are quite good at this 😉 What a completely wonderful day to photograph too!

  2. David Scholes says:

    Absolutely amazing Alan. So much joy and so many great moments. Looks an fantastic day and love the ‘director’s commentary’

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