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Ah, Montenegro, how I love thee! Such a beautiful, beautiful place; I count myself incredibly lucky that the truly lovely Jenna and Stefan chose me to capture their wedding (and multi-day party!) there. Honestly, I really do implore you to go visit this beautiful country. And the wedding I was lucky enough to document? Just brilliant! Speed boats, so much laughter, a ceremony on a man-made island (Our Lady of the Rocks, which, as legend has it, was started in 1452), tears of joy, being fanned by flip-flops, so much love, 3.30 am bus trips, back-flips, water-taxis, and, well, hopefully you’ll see for yourself from the little selection of Montenegro wedding photography that I’ve set out below.

One thing about destination weddings, by their very nature, is that I get to spend more time with the couple and their family/friends – this is because I always like to arrive in the country two days before the actual wedding (as it’s too risky with the potential of cancelled flights/delays to only arrive the day before). So it was lovely to meet up with Jenna & Stefan on the evening of my arrival in Tivat – after our initial Skype almost a year before, it was just grand to finally meet them and hear about their plans in the flesh. They even got me a welcome gift (full of goodies such as wine and chocolate); how awesome is that? Their family and friends were just as lovely, and it really felt like I was part of the wedding, which is always super lovely to feel.

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro was where everything was happening; the welcome dinner the night before at a waterside restaurant overlooking Our Lady of the Rocks (unbeknownst to a lot of guests, actually, who were amazed to find out the actual ceremony would be held in the church on that man-made island the following day), the wedding ceremony itself (which the bride and her Dad (and me!) travelled to by speed boat), the reception at another beautiful restaurant (called Stari Mlini) in a different part of the Bay, and also the swimming/diving/after-party the next day.

Anyway, I’ve spoken/typed enough; on to some photos from my time as Jenna & Stefan’s Montenegro wedding photographer:

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By the way, I love that last image above; taken at around 3.45 am after the wedding, I had just captured their very last guests saying goodnight, and I turn around to see this: Jenna & Stefan, so much in love, and totally wiped out after a whole night of partying. Zero posing, this isn’t a portrait or couple-time, it’s just a totally natural capture of them both – virtually the very last photo of the day (well, night! Well, actually, very, very early morning). An image like this, in my opinion, is worth a million times more than any ‘portrait’.


  1. Alex says:

    Incredible wedding and wonderful photography to showcase it all – absolutely loved scrolling through it! Nice little self-portrait there on the coach too Alan!! 🙂

  2. Outstanding work mate!!! love the last shot of the night too, nice one for staying on until the end! something I think we as photographers should be doing more as there are so many more moments to capture! awesome stuff dude!

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