Amanda & Andy / Maker Heights, Cornwall

Maker Heights Wedding Photographer

An outside, cliff-top ceremony. Sky lanterns. A musical showcase. The largest amount of bridesmaids and groomsmen I’ve ever seen. And two people SO very much in love…. Yes, it’s Amanda and Andy’s wedding!

It really was a special one, this. Their story, even, had me from the get go, with Amanda from the US, and Andy from Cornwall – with Andy’s friends all chipping in for a plane ticket as a surprise gift for him. It was my first time as a Maker Heights wedding photographer in Millbrook, and, meeting them, it was just so clear that they rocked each others’ worlds, and that no amount of water was going to keep them apart! It was also the first time I’d covered a ‘first look’, where the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the ceremony, rather than at the aisle. It really was a lovely moment to capture, and for them to be able to embrace and enjoy the time, without being under the pressure of watching eyes or decorum (though, saying that, there were around 20 or so bridesmaids and groomsmen trying to catch a peek out the window!).

The evening entertainment was so special and personal, too. Amanda’s a singer-songwriter, and so she sang to Andy. But not only that, as all of their friends seemed to be musicians and singers, too, so the whole night was a kind of musical showcase, with a grand finale of a group performance of ‘Home’. Just awesome! The whole day just had such a great festival wedding vibe about it – loved it! If you’re thinking of a wedding with a festival, music-style, I hope you like my work, because I’d love to capture more weddings like that!

Anyhoos, on to some of my favourites from my time as Amanda & Andy’s Maker Heights wedding photographer (which was also featured in the fab WED Magazine):

Maker Heights Wedding Photographer Maker Heights Wedding Photographer

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  1. Alan, this is absolutely amazing. The way you compose your shots always blows me away, but this is incredibly outstanding. The colors and light are so vivid and beautiful, and that shot of the kid looking through the window to the candy table is amazing! This truly made me feel like I was there and part of it. Truly stunning work Alan! 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Alan… mate… this is just world world world class. Every image. I love it. Everything wedding photography should be is right here. Outstanding my friend.

  3. Adam Riley says:

    Wow Alan!! This looks like the most fun ever. Your eye and ability to capture emotion is outstanding. Love the shot of the lads looking through the window at the sweets – amongst many other shots!

  4. Flipping heck dude this is incredible. Absolutely incredible. So much goodness all the way through this collection from the killer portraits to that kid peering through the glass to the crazy party. Unbelievable. One of your best mate, I tip my hat to you.

  5. Alex says:

    Wow – what a dream of a wedding Alan and you’ve captured it so very well!! Millbrook is one of those special places for the wife and myself, lots of our friends live there in fact and so we’re quite often there ourselves!! Great spot for a wedding. Anyway, I digress from the brilliant work that you’ve done here!!! Bravo!!!!

  6. Dude, wow. Can just echo what Adam said above – this is everything that’s good about wedding photography right now – fun, emotive, relaxed, playful. Just great work my friend.

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