Charli & Matt / The Eden Project, Cornwall

Eden Project Wedding Photographer

When Charli told me that her wedding was going to be at The Eden Project, with the groom party arriving by zipwire, it was safe to say that I was incredibly excited about their upcoming nuptials! (I’m always excited for each time I’m chosen as an Eden Project wedding photographer, but, zipwire?! Oh yes.) These two lovely people run a PR agency – their job is to organise parties – so, yep, I just knew this was going to be a fantastic wedding. And it definitely didn’t disappoint…

Sunflower masks, polka dot bridesmaids, glow in the dark table centrepieces, a skull cake, celebrities, a zipwire entrance (did I mention the zipwire?), someone actually called ‘Eden’ doing a reading for them, and one of the, erm,  ‘funniest’ Best Man revelations I’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure to witness –  Charli & Matt’s day had it all. I say this so often, but it really is true: It’s so important to make your day whatever you want it to be. Make it yours. Who cares what anyone else is doing, who cares what the latest wedding ‘trends’ are – just do it your way. And that’s exactly what Charli and Matt did.

Whilst we’re on that subject of trends, actually, that’s exactly how I approach my photography – in that, I don’t follow the trends at all. Why would you want your wedding photos to look like everyone else’s? Instagram especially can have a way of making wedding photography look so formulaic – with everyone just posting portraits of pretty couples walking towards the camera – and I just don’t understand it, to be honest. If you’re a photographer, shoot how you want to shoot, capture and show the images that you love – don’t do what everyone else is doing just because of the ‘likes’. </rant>

So, enough of me (you don’t actually read this anyway, do you?), and on to a selection of some of my favourite photos from my time as Charli & Matt’s Eden Project wedding photographer:

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  1. Albert Palmer says:

    Hey Alan, I have to confess this is one of the first times I’ve looked at your work but it is off the chart! Absolutely incredible. I’m subscribed for future updates!

  2. Alan this is so stunning. The sharpness in your photos and the way you compose them always blows me away. You are definitely one of my favorite European photographers, well worldwide, for sure. This is so stunning. That place is so brilliant but the way you portrayed it and this day is truly brilliant. I love your work, but this one is beyond so many things I’ve been seeing lately! Beautiful!

  3. Alan, I sat here and scrolled through this wedding with my mouth open, occasionally muttering ‘Wow’.

    This is awesome stuff dude. I was seriously starting to wonder why I even bother sometimes.


    (and I SO want a go on the head-first Zip-wire!)

    • alanlawphotography says:

      Man, that’s so kind – means a lot, thanks so much! And you’re definitely braver than me; it was enough for me to just photograph the zipwiring, no way could I actually go down it myself…!

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