Bethany & Jamie / Holkham Hall, Norfolk

Excited to blog a new wedding! I know, I know, it’s been a while… far too long, actually, and I have *so* many weddings to show you – starting today with the very lovely Bethany & Jamie’s wedding at Holkham Hall, Norfolk.

It was my first time as a Holkham Hall wedding photographer, and wow, what a venue! I’ve been lucky enough to shoot all over Europe and the UK, at some truly lovely venues, and Holkham is right up there – I don’t think I’ve shot a ceremony in such a grand room before, actually; just look at the photos below!

This was such a fun wedding to shoot; Bethany & Jamie really know how to party – so much singing and dancing! – and the thing that I love to capture most? Emotion – of which, there was so much. The speeches especially seemed to have everyone in tears – myself included, I have to say – it’s always such an honour to be able to capture these moments, for not just the bride and groom, but hopefully for generations to come, too.

Right, enough of my chat, here’s some of my favourite Holkham Hall wedding photography:

wedding photographer holkham hall holkham hall wedding photography


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