Alexandra & Ben / Cornish Tipi Weddings, Cornwall

Cornish Tipi Weddings Photographer

I know all my couples love each other, of course, but these two REALLY love each other! N’aaaaw, it was just so lovely to see how Alexandra and Ben looked at each other; those little touches throughout the day, the mutual tears that flowed during the ceremony and speeches… it just seemed to be that every time I looked, their eyes were locked on each other. And that’s magical; that, right there, is what life is all about.

Cornish Tipi Weddings itself really is a fab, unique venue – there are not many places in the UK where you can say ‘I do’ within such bountiful nature. Did I just use the phrase ‘bountiful nature’? It seems I did. Something I never thought I’d be writing in a blog post, but there you go! I’ve had the pleasure of capturing quite a few weddings at Cornish Tipis now, and they’re always so relaxed and beautiful… something about being surrounded by so many trees and nature… it’s a super place.

The weather was not being our best friend on the day – there was quite a bit of rain, as you’ll see from some of the Cornish Tipi wedding photography below – but that never dampened the party at all. And they still really wanted to row out in Cornish Tipi’s private lake, even though they ended up being stranded on a tiny little jetty whilst the skies opened up! I never push my clients to do anything at all – and a lot of my couples don’t want any portraits/’couple time’ images at all – but it was actually Alexandra & Ben’s idea to go out on to the jetty like that, and, of course, I was going to get the shot(s) for them! Many thanks to a very friendly member of the Cornish Tipi team for rowing me out in a separate boat so I could get close enough for those jetty shots.

I loved that they had so much confetti, too. As every wedding photographer knows: You can never have too much confetti!

Right, enough of the words, and on to the photos:

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