Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / July 4th 2019 / Leeds, UK

Excited to be announcing a new date for my creative documentary wedding photography workshop 'Law School': 4th July 2019 in Leeds, UK. Come join me for lots of practical advice, tips, insights and mid-season inspiration! Date: Thursday July 4th 2019. Time: 10 am - 6 pm. Hanging out for food, chat and (lots of) cider afterwards, too, of course! Venue: Pa[...]

Speaking at Elevate

Excited to be speaking at Elevate in London next year; an awesome one-day wedding photography conference. Honoured to be sharing the stage with some of my favourite photographers, too, eeek…! They're currently selling Early Bird Tickets, so head over here for more details and to grab a ticket at a discounted price. Hopefully see you there!

Jenna & Stefan / Montenegro

Ah, Montenegro, how I love thee! Such a beautiful, beautiful place; I count myself incredibly lucky that the truly lovely Jenna and Stefan chose me to capture their wedding (and multi-day party!) there. Honestly, I really do implore you to go visit this beautiful country. And the wedding I was lucky enough to document? Just brilliant! Speed boats, so much laughter, a [...]

Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / March 19th 2019 / London, UK

*** Update: 33% Sold Out within 48 hours! *** Excited to be announcing a new date for my creative documentary wedding photography workshop 'Law School': 19th March 2019 in London, UK. Come join me for lots of practical advice, tips, insights and pre-season inspiration! Date: Tuesday March 19th 2019. Time: 9 am - 5 pm. Hanging out for food, chat and (lot[...]

Amy & Aidan / Aynhoe Park

My penultimate wedding of 2016 was quite a different one, to say the least! Held at the unique Aynhoe Park, Amy and Aidan's wedding was just a blast from start to finish - so much energy, so much much fun! Taking inspiration from their love of festivals and Glastonbury, Amy and Aidan's wedding was a feast for the eyes - including Glitter Ball people, dwarfs [...]

Speaking at WPPI in Las Vegas!

I'm so honoured and thrilled to have been asked to be a speaker at WPPI in Las Vegas! WPPI is the largest wedding photography conference in the world, with about 13,000 photographers heading to Vegas each year from all over the globe. This year, Rangefinder are running a three-day workshop there, called 'Rise & Shine', where some past 30 Rising Stars are going [...]

One Shot Preview: Aimie & Colin / Hedingham Castle, Essex

It was my first wedding of 2019 at the weekend, and what a cracker it was! Here's a little one-shot preview: Aimie & Colin, and my first time as a Hedingham Castle wedding photographer. What a venue! A 12th Century Norman Keep, they had exclusive use of it over three different floors, and their day was packed with falconry, sing-a-longs, musician friends, and even[...]

Emma & Jake / Verbier, Switzerland

"Alan thanks so much for all your amazing photos. They made an epic weekend even more epic! Your photos are truly awesome and ensure that we will have lots of fantastic memories." Emma & Jake. Where do I begin to describe this wedding? Honestly, I count myself incredibly lucky to be doing what I love for a living; to be able to do it whilst visiting amazing, be[...]

Sam & Rhys / Chateau Soulac, France

It's always an honour to be asked to photograph someone's wedding, and I always say that the venue matters not - it's all about the people, the emotion, the energy, the love that we, as wedding photographers, are privileged to witness and capture. Saying that, however, it's a nice little bonus of the 'job' when you're asked to capture a wedding overseas, and when Sam [...]

Marie & Ben / Wadebridge, Cornwall

This was such a beautiful day in Cornwall last year; Marie and Ben really lucked out on the weather front! It was also the day England won their World Cup Quarter-Final against Sweden, so it seemed their luck extended a long way too...! What to say about this day? Well, it was just lush, from start to finish. A truly relaxed day - as all the best weddings are, in my o[...]

Cara & Jack / North Cadbury Court, Somerset

Cara & Jack's North Cadbury Court wedding photography was *such* a blast! These two (and their friends and family) really knew how to party; they wanted their day to be totally relaxed (which it was) and just one long joy-fest (which, again, it really was!). Honestly, check out some of their photos below, I think over 90% of them contain laughter...! It was my [...]

Kelly & James / Polhawn Fort, Cornwall

Two weddings blogged in a week...that has to be some kind of personal record! Today we're going back to May this year; a beautiful sunny day at Polhawn Fort, Cornwall, for the very lovely Kelly and James. The week before, I had been in France (you can see some images from my time as a Chateau Soulac wedding photographer here) and it had rained all day...and here, b[...]