Erin & Martin / Doxford Farm, Northumberland

One of the best things about my 'job' is the sheer diversity - every wedding is totally different; every moment is different, even if I'm shooting a the same venue. Erin & Martin's Doxford Farm wedding photography in Northumberland was a great example of this, as it was the first time I'd captured a Wiccan wedding; loved it! There was *so* much emotion for me t[...]

Nicolette & Karl / Lusty Glaze, Cornwall

Nicolette and Karl's Lusty Glaze wedding photography was all about ENERGY! Which is ironic, given the fact that Nicolette broke her ankle just a couple of days before the big day...this, ladies and gentleman, is the definition of the 'I'm not going to let anything ruin my wedding day' wedding! Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay, Cornwall, really is one of the most unique[...]

Hayley & Josh / Hengrave Hall, Suffolk

2019 is here, and with a new year comes new blogs! Today I'm looking back at Hayley & Josh's Hengrave Hall wedding photography in Suffolk; a venue I've had the pleasure of shooting at a few times, now, and one I'll be heading back to this year, too. What was my overriding impression of Hayley & Josh's wedding? One of complete and utter joy - I know it may s[...]

Best of 2018

2018...what a year, and how quickly it's flown by! Me and my cameras have been all over this year, with weddings in Montenegro, England, France, Wales, and a little 1500 mile round-trip drive up to Dornoch in Scotland! Each and every one has been unique; each and every one has been an absolute pleasure - I still pinch myself that I do this 'job' as a living; the fa[...]

Chloe & Luke / Priston Mill, Bath

It's nearly the end of my wedding season, which can mean only one thing....blogging season has arrived! Ha ;) But, seriously, I really want to do a concerted effort to feature more of the weddings that I'm amazingly lucky to capture - I spend so much of the year shooting and editing, that by the time it comes to Winter, I naturally want to take a little step back and [...]

Brides Magazine '15 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK'

Delighted to be named by Brides Magazine as one of the '15 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK'! I always pinch myself when I receive such lovely recognition like this - all very surreal! Brides Magazine is world-renowned, too, so that's very, very lovely to be thought of by them. Thanks so much! Here's what they said about me: "Amazing moments are captured [...]

One Shot Preview: Jenna & Stefan / Montenegro

  Wow, is all I can say! I've just returned from an amazing few days in the absolutely beautiful country that is Montenegro, for the absolutely lovely Jenna & Stefan. My first time as a Montenegro wedding photographer, I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the place; honestly, I implore you to visit yourself! I'm really looking forward to editing [...]

Law School / Wedding Photography Workshop / August 13th 2018 / Bristol, UK

I'm really excited to be bringing my creative documentary wedding photography workshop 'Law School' to Bristol for the very first time! Come join me on Monday August 13th 2018 for a bit of 'Summer School': Lots of practical advice, tips, insights and inspiration; a bit of a mid-season refuel! Date: Monday August 13th 2018. Time: 10 am - 6 pm. Hanging out f[...]

One Shot Preview: Kelly & James

A couple of weeks ago I was over at the lush Polhawn Fort in Torpoint; one of Cornwall's most romantic venues, nestled on a cliff with its own private beach below. One of the beauties of the venue is that couples can really make it their own, and this is exactly what the lovely Kelly & James did - as do all the very best weddings, in my opinion; it's so import[...]

One Shot Preview: Katie & Jez

  An incredibly busy - and incredibly fun! - week for me culminated in Katie & Jez's fab day at The Eden Project in Cornwall; a totally unique venue, run by a brilliant, lovely team - always thoroughly enjoy my time at Eden, and I can't wait to be back a couple more times this season, and next year as well. The above is their very first kiss as husb[...]

One Shot Preview: Nicolette & Karl

The second part of a very busy week for me last week saw me in the beautiful homeland, at Lusty Glaze, Newquay. I always love shooting at Lusty; such a unique venue (how many places can you literally get married on the beach?), and last Friday was no exception for the very lovely Nicolette and Karl. The above is just a little preview; a little embrace on the da[...]

One Shot Preview: Hayley & Josh

It's prime wedding season for me now - my favourite time of the year! - and I started an early weekend last week by making my way over to Suffolk, and the gorgeous Hengrave Hall, for this equally gorgeous pair: Hayley & Josh. Just a little preview for now whilst I edit their images over the coming weeks. 'Like' my page over on Facebook if you want to see so[...]